Digital Footprint : A Warning Bell to Citizens

 Are you very fond of using social networking sites, online shopping, uploading your personal photos or documents, maintaining different digital accounts and sharing your personal information online then be alert from now you are on a high risk, unfortunately you are creating your Digital Footprint which would be harmful for you.

If you put online, stays online this habit grows your digital footprint and might be risky. The dating apps were sharing user data with third parties which consequently make it easier for companies to share those data and target sales.

Here I am suggesting the ways to reduce your digital footprint and how can you make yourself less visible online than you currently are?

1. Delete or Deactivate Old Shopping & Social Networking Accounts
Go to your account settings and look for an option to either deactivate, remove or close your account on any social network or online shopping site that you no longer use.
2. Use Stealth or Incognito Mode – or Even Tor
Internet browsers offer private browsing options to avoid being tracked, whilst the more cautious can use privacy tools such as Tor to browse incognito.
3. Deactivate Old Email Accounts
Deactivating old email accounts is important and must include finding – and deleting – old services and corporate accounts.
4. Check Your Privacy Settings
Check the privacy settings of the websites you use most often, particularly social media sites, and see what level of privacy you have set. Consider tightening your privacy options.
5. Add Extensions or Plug-Ins
A number of tools – extensions or plug-ins – are offered to highlight to users what trackers a website is using. Many of these tools are available for free.
6. Ask for a Website to Remove You from a Database Directly
You can go to each website you have accounts with directly and make a personal request for your account to be deleted. A service like JustDeleteMe can tell you how easy or difficult it is to delete an account.
7. Use False Information
If you don't want to give up your own data, create false data such as a throwaway email address or fake date of birth for non-essential mailing lists.
I think my suggestions would be fruitful for preventing you from vulnerable activities.

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Tuesday, 11 May 2021
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