New Release : Jib Java Containerizer By Google

Google has introduced a new open source called "Jib" a Java-based containerization tool. As stated by the company, the tool is designed to make Java workflows easier for developers who are not containerization experts to put their apps into containers, and it is fast, reproducible and daemonless.

Google says Jib can hand all of the steps of packaging an application into a container image. It is directly integrated into both Maven and Gradle, and does not require the developer to have Docker installed or write a Dockerfile. Because of this tight integration, the project has access to all of the information it needs to package applications.

By using image layering and registry caching, Jib is able to achieve fast, incremental builds. It organizes applications into distinct layers and will only rebuild and push the layers that have changes in them.

Jib also supports declaratively building container images from Maven and Gradle metadata, so it can be configured to make reproducible build images as long as the inputs stay the same. 

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Monday, 10 May 2021
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